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From May 5th. 2012 to June 10th. 2012. I used the special call GQ3PQB . This is to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Accession of Her Majesty the Queen.

From July 21st. 2012 to Sept.9th. 2012. I used the special call GO3PQB to mark the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As a schoolboy I built various crystal radio sets followed by building the `Globe King` regenerative receiver for the short wave bands. This was based upon the HL23 valve. After which I studied for18months to take the examination for the Class A licence, obtained in 1961. In those days there was plenty of ex-goverment surplus gear about, it was possible to purchase high specification gear (then) for knock down prices. The fun then started in modifying the equipment to work on the amateur bands. The famous R1155 and the HRO receivers were very widely used in the UK.

Then followed the Heathkit era which paved the way for many would be constructors. After this I concentrated on building and operating QRP rigs. My favorite mode was operating CW.

Being employed in the communication industry as a radio engineer I found that working on radio transmitters as a day time job was satisfying and gradually with a growing Family the hobby lapsed.

When in my retirement I took up the hobby again and after a couple of TenTec rigs I purchased the Kenwood TS590.

My rig today is a Tcvr TS590.

---------------------------------Aerial matching unit LDG AT-100 pro.

--------------------------------Which feeds into a ZS6BKW aerial.

A simple setup which is adequate for my needs. I now operate using the data modes mainly PSK31 and CW with some occasional DSSTV and SSTV activity.

Below some of my Awards.

  • G3PQB-1
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